Monday, May 22, 2006



The four teachers - Charm, Lisya, Stuart, and I - going to Pusan, Korea this summer to teach in a new TESOL certificate program at Pusan National University, were invited to meet the PNU professors who came to OSU this week to further discuss this program being launched this summer. The meeting wasn't very long. We did introductions, including a little bit about our teaching experience, and talked about Pusan and the university. The professors brought some information with them, including a city map. Despite the fact that our meeting with them wasn't very long, it was a good opportunity to meet those faculty members we'll be working with this summer and for them to meet us. Following our meeting with them, the four teachers met to look through the Pusan information and talk about what we want to do and see there. We also discussed what we needed to be doing in order to get our visas and plane tickets.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Interview for PNU Position

Today I interviewed with Dr. H for a position teaching in the new TESOL certificate program at Pusan National University in Pusan, Korea this summer. My original summer plans included finishing out my contract as intern in the ESL Composition Program. However, after hearing about this opportunity, I thought that it might be more interesting - something different from what I've been doing the past two years and better for my CV - I have some teacher education experience, but thought it would be good to beef up this area of my CV, if I did something different. I spoke with the program assistant director to make sure I could terminate the contract early. Once I found out that I could, I then interviewed for, was offered, and accepted the PNU position. I think it will be an interesting experience.

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