Monday, August 14, 2006


headed home

i flew home today and was fortunate enough to be on the same flight from pusan to narita with dr. h and his wife. because it wasn't a full flight, i switched seats so that we could debrief a little about the program. it sounds like pnu is very interested in continuing this. i was really happy to hear this. i thought that we did a lot of groundbreaking work this past month that will help in further defining what the program will look like for the remainder of the this year and for next. talking with them about the program was a good springboard for further reflections throughout the rest of the long flight. it was nice to have so much uninterrupted time to think about all that i/we did and experienced while in pusan. lisya and i are currently working on a short article about our experience for the nnest newsletter. i'm glad we decided to do that (despite the fact that the deadline is this saturday!) because i'm finding it to be a good way to shape my reflections of the experience. keeping this blog has been a great way to reflect on my experiences as well. having a community of readers and responders* helping me construct the meaning of my experiences has been an interesting and enlightening learning process.

*thanks to 'cherepaha' for bringing this to my attention

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