Tuesday, August 15, 2006


special thanks!

there are several people who contributed to my pusan experience. without them, i don't think this experience would have been as great as it was. they are -

Hi Cate
How about your daily life?
Pusan is still hot! too too too hot
maybe typhoon step aside from Korea.
Now I can`t believe finish our course, today I got up still early and I`m think to myself 'our class is over' and I take a oversleep

One month was very short time for me but it was good starting point to my English study.
last 3days I`m take a rest with my friends, so I`m restart from this day forth

Cate thanks for your teaching
I`m confident of your success.
Dear Eden,

Thanks for your posting! Sorry to hear that it's still so hot in Pusan. I was hoping that maybe it would cool down once we left.

I'm in Columbus now. Here the weather is beautiful. It's not nearly as hot as in Pusan. It's almost like fall compared to what I experienced in Pusan.

It's hard to believe that the course is over. I agree with you that one month was too short. I'm going to recommend that when we do this in the future, we extend the time to maybe six weeks. I'm glad to hear that you found the experience to be worthwhile.

What will you do now that the course is finished? Whatever you do, all the best to you. I really enjoyed having you in the class and getting to know you. Thanks for your active participation and for sharing your knowledge of the Korean culture with me. I really learned a lot. Also, thanks for your postings.

Best wishes!

Pusan is getting cooler and cooler.. after the typhoon with heavy rain.

My vacation is end of the arond the coner. I'm afraid that I don't much of things that I planed before.

English intensive course was the one of my plans. I could do that very well with you and other teachers' help.

Thank you so much.^^

See you next time.

- Euddeum.

- p.s Did you get my e-mail with some pictures?
Hi Euddeum,

I'm glad to hear that the weather in Pusan is better these days. It was so hot when we were there. I hope with the cooler weather you're able to enjoy your upcoming vacation.

I didn't receive your e-mail with your drawings. Could you send it again? Thanks!

All the best,

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